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He laughs, "This lady comes in and I do it again and she went, ' Yeah, it's all right' and walks off! ' And she said, ' Well, I've been married to the guy for 25 years!

I walked right after her and said, ' What do you mean it's all right? '" » Singer Mariah Carey has hit out at claims that she has had breast implants - insisting her curvy new look is thanks to a cheap bra.

The title song was released as the lead single and it went straight to #1 making Mariah Carey the first artist in the US to go to #1 with her first five singles.

The next single "Can't Let Go" ended the streak by only reaching #2 after Columbia pulled the single in an effort to boost sales of the album.

» Ally Mc Beal producers were so concerned Mariah Carey was going to break down on the set of the hit TV show, they invited all her friends on the set.

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    These are colloquially known among PS2 hardware hackers as V0, V1, V2, ..., V18.

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    Some people see the dress as it appears in the photo as white and gold, while others see it as blue and black. Mc Neill and her friends first realized something was different about the dress when the mother sent her daughter the now-famous photo.