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It seems better to find someone who is similar to ourselves. The only problem I have that you won't have is that he can lie to me and I won't know. Perhaps Steve is saying that a non-virgin is not good enough for him. It's his life, and he chooses who he does and does not want to marry. Since I have saved that gift for my future wife, is it so wrong to want the same? Later she used it in arguments to belittle me now we are divorced. Sorry ladies but you need to take this far more seriously than you do. If Christian virgins cannot marry Christian non-virgins we have 2 problems. I think that there are more people like you than you would imagine.

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I just want to say that the girl not being a virgin can cause huge arguments in the future and cause jealousy etc.

my girlfriend is not one and I want to marry her now and I am a virgin.

I don't believe that Jesus is going to condemn anyone for marrying a non virgin if the other person is still a virgin. There's only one thing God does not know, that's your past. I was a male virgin that married a female non virgin. We were all unclean, but now are made the virgin bride of Christ.

If that were the case, then Jesus would never marry us! Christ said in Matt.9:6 the Son of man has power on earth to forgive sins. But spiritually we were not virgins before the cleansing forgiveness of the blood of Christ.

If you made the rule that we should not, it would mean that I, a widower, would not be allowed to marry a true spinster.