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From the perspective of Starbucks partners, any and all of the following could be stressors right now: Talking about the customer experience is incredibly unpopular and is usually met with attacks in the comments about how awful customers are. If you’re so caught up in being right, and the customer is wrong and you’re ego is fixed on this, customer service might now be the right career choice for you. I anger a lot of people with these kinds of articles. There are people who only want me to be a cheerleader for Starbucks. I don’t know the methodology behind this statistic, but if you believe this website, the Starbucks experience in terms of customer satisfaction is about the same as the Taco Bell experience.But the harsh reality is that nearly all careers have some customer base of some kind that you’ve got to please if you want to create a great brand reputation. I’d love to know if there’s a website out there that is the equivalent of this one – Taco Bell Melody?

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This policy has not always been understood by Starbucks workers, or "partners," as they are called within the company. "Sometimes customers get mad when they don’t get it for using a for-here Starbucks store mug," Overton writes.

Stores are operating with a minimal staff and expected to do more than ever. Articles like this are appearing in the news: There’s no question, Starbucks partners are feeling stressed and defeated by what’s expected of them with the few labor hours that they have to work with. The writing was on the wall perhaps even one year ago.

"Starbucks has been applying to the coffee counter the kind of "lean" manufacturing techniques car makers have long used as a way to streamline production, eliminate wasteful activity and speed up service." Also noted in the article is a warning.

If you're a fan of no-foam, you might want to adjust your caffeine-palate - apparently customers who order no-foam lattes might have to wait longer for their drinks.

Not everything can or should work out exactly how the customer wants it. Starbucks operates at the scale of some banks and oil companies. LOL Lately what Starbucks is being known for is being huge, big, and acting like a cold billion dollar corporation.