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) A Warrant Officer is in charge of the troops - they serve a much more managerial function than other officers. This includes special trust and confidence which is a priveledge given to you which trusts that you will always do the right thing and have integrity beyond reproach.

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I have also had several family members in the Navy dating back to WWII.

I'm plenty familiar with some of the most arcane military concepts.

But what I don't understand is what a commission really is, and what it really means. The AF doesn't have them, but the other services have Warrant Officers. How do people who don't hold degrees earn commissions?

And, in that case, what are the requirements for getting commissioned?

I'm not exactly sure what the requirements for warrant officers are in the US army, I do know that the vast majority of helicopter pilots are warant officers and not commisioned officers, and the same goes for the Marines.