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Touching myself does feel nice, but I don’t have a lot of sensation, probably due to age and lack of use.

Can you help me with other ideas for stimulating myself?

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Alternatively, I recommend several online retailers on my blog, but there’s no substitute for being able to see and hold a vibrator and feel the vibrations to help you figure out which one you might like.

Although I’m tempted to encourage you to try to re-open the conversation about physical intimacy with your husband, it’s clear that after 20 years, it’s unlikely that the two of you will come together sexually unless you (a) decide it’s a priority; and (b) have some sessions with a good couple’s counselor or sex therapist.

, is the story of actress Vanessa Wonderman, 60, happily married to the wonderful and wealthy Asher … Asher is 20 years older than Vanessa and they read obits together more often than they make love.

Vanessa’s parents are declining, as is her beloved dog, Belinda.

I’ve only been using my fingers and I’d like to try a vibrator – frankly, my arm and fingers get tired!