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Since online dating wasn't as prevelant back then as it is today, there isn’t much to report on that front until my freshman year. She told me it would never happen, but I could feel the chemistry and kept my hopes up. I couldn’t understand that guys and girls could just be friends. Needless to say, I didn’t have one boyfriend during my sophomore year.

Here's a year-by-year rundown of what high school taught me about dating. Ninth grade taught me that, yes, members of the opposite sex can be friends and to trust my boyfriend unless he gives me cause not to.10th grade. I was a complete dating mess — possibly a hussy — and would decide on my day’s outfit based on the guy I had a crush on. I had absolutely no idea who I was, so how was I supposed to be in a relationship? I had plenty of good times, but it taught me to be self-confident and own the person I am today.11th grade.

Again please feel free to follow up with any further questions. Subject: Re: Cat Marnell's Status Hi Julie: That's too bad.

I have a spot that is most definitely not on Open Table. Can you please confirm that it's appropriate for me to reach out to Cat directly moving forward?

I begged her to accept his invite, but instead she made me tell him that she was busy.