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What’s important to notice is the frequency and the emotional quality of what is expressed.

Yet it's estimated that in up to 60 per cent of cases, symptoms persist beyond childhood to varying degrees of severity and potential impairment. If you're a parent with ADHD, you're likely to be on the lookout for the inherited tendency in your own child.

Some adults with ADHD are only diagnosed after their own child has received a diagnosis.

The signs of ADHD present during childhood, but in an adult they are less easy to spot.

This is because some of the most obvious signs of ADHD may not be quite so marked because of your maturity. But if a lot of this sounds familiar, and you can recall these symptoms in childhood, it might help to speak to your family doctor about them.

If he’s been in a long term relationship for over a year, anything under a minimum of 4-6 weeks is probably not a safe time to date.