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These studies may be accurate in their findings, but they assume that dating and hooking up are completely separate entities when, in reality, the experiences often blur.For example, people who go on “real dates” might expect to fall in love and find a soul mate, but some might also be looking to “get laid”.

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For some media theorists, the mass proliferation of social media technologies has negatively altered communication habits.

In Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now, Douglas Rushkoff argues that humans live in a “distracted present” as a result of a constant access to content via smart phones and portable tablets.

It is fair to suggest, as Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford, and Joshua Green have done in Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture, that social media technologies have allowed content to circulate more consistently, which ruptures traditionally conceived spaces in which information is shared.

It is also appropriate to assume that the majority of people now communicate via social media.

As Elizabeth Ann Persimmons explains so eloquently, “I’m not sure if our love affair with these labels helps us to be better-or worse-off in the dating world.” (“Label Me: The Perils of Labeling Your Dating Life”, Examiner, 9 June 2010) Persimmons calls attention to the ambiguity of dating and the fact that there is no monolithic dating practice.