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I would love to see the leap damage changed, as it doesn't only break intimidating shout on crit. Should heroic leap don't inflict any damage and apply a root effect?

(this would also fix the problems with leap for a bit)Keep the thread constructive, thanks Attatch the following to your focus charge macro:/stopattack/cast [target=focus] charge/stopattack This will stop you melee hitting your charge target immediately after charge.

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Intimidating Shout is a level 70 Arms and Fury ability.

It is an Ao E fear effect shout ability which causes the target to become incapacitated for 8 seconds, although any damage will break the effect.

Even tho this might be my own mistake I give him a melee hit I'll give you another example: If I leap towards the target I am about to use intimidating shout on, the heroic leap aoe might crit my target, inflicting deep wounds.

As I said before the smallest amount of damage breaks intimidating shout, so also that 500-700 ticking deepwounds.

Considering how we rely on rend, it wouldn't be more than fair that intimidating shout doesn't break on our own bleeds.