Dating direct customer services telephone

This Directory Service automatically connects to the number we found for Match Customer Service.

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On querying this I was told that the repeat billing had been me it hadn't!

Says he is on peace keeping mission in Baghdad, if I remember he was registered somewhere in Scotland. sent 100 messages only had 5 replys but no dates , women just ignore you.

I didn't give him any money but watch out for the Pineapple Plantation in Ghana and the son he and the son asked for money a couple of times and that was it, I was out of there. auto renew is hard to activate no email contact adversiver/ took lot get phone number .

Have tried for the last 6 weeks to stop DD taking money out of my bank account - no luck..

The only alternative is to cancel my whole bank acccount and start up another one!!!!

Another nutter fell in love with my picture, we haven't had… why is same/ ran by same company , seems match bought out old dating direct .