Dancing with the stars maxim and erin dating

Here’s a report: There were conflicting reports that stated that Maks was getting friendly with Jennifer Lopez, but those never went anywhere.Right now, the story above is still being put in question, but we wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Maks was moving in on another one of his dance partners.

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As “I happen to be one of those women who thinks it is possible to have it all.

All of my friends from college and high school have three kids now. I hope to have that, but look at what I’ve done: I’ve hopefully had a hand in opening the door for other women.

Close watchers of Andrews’ Twitter feed noted she posted a graphic of a Lambeau, Wisconsin, weather report, referencing her boyfriend and her own “ring game.” pro and Andrews’ partner when she was a Season 10 contestant, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who seemed to confirm that Andrews and Stoll were planning to tie the knot.

Chmerkovskiy told a FOX 5 team that Andrews “maybe just got engaged.” He had just named Andrews as one of his favorite celebrity partners on the show. He also had praise for Meryl Davis, with whom he won the competition in Season 18.

In a separate tweet, Bergeron mentioned that he will be joined by another co-host for Tuesday's episode however, he will be left to anchor the dancing competition by himself on Monday.