Finding the right match with online dating are harry and ginny dating in real life

The “trouble” with online dating sites may have to do with how they are approached.

Research and personal success stories suggest that many quality individuals subscribe to these sites and it is very possible to find your life partner in cyberspace. However, online dating can also be a nightmare if you do not chose the right site (or sites) to help you achieve your relationship objectives.

"Match Maker, Match Maker, Send me a Match:" If you're looking for a long-term relationship (a.k.a you’re ultimately looking to get hitched) you may have better luck finding someone who shares your relationship goals using so-called “matchmaking” sites such as e Harmony or

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The next time you find yourself making snap decisions about why you’re not interested in a match, take another look and give them a chance. The beauty of online dating is getting the chance to meet so many different people. You don’t have to commit straight away and it’s perfectly acceptable to date several matches at once, so organise dates with different types of people and see who you click with best.

Dating a range of people will allow you to work out which qualities you find attractive in a match and which are less important to you.

There are niche dating sites for virtually every corner of the socio-cultural-economic spectrum (such as Farmers,, Black Christian People and even The, a dating site specifically for fans of the book Atlas Shrugged! As a general rule though, the more specific the niche, the smaller the pond so if you are not in a big city like NYC or LA, extremely niche sites may not always be the best idea.

Usually you can look around before you sign up so try to get inside and see what’s there before you give up your credit card information.

If you're totally overwhelmed (and understandably so), check out