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Apparently, enterprising young lads in the area were salvaging bearings from the scrap out back of the plant to shoot in their guns.

While some scrap worked well in the guns, some was oversize and either jammed or split the shot tube.

After firing the gun (first at a basket of red-ink covered paper and then an old shingle), Hough exclaimed in the slang of the time, "Boy, that's a Daisy!

" and later convinced the Board of Directors to use the metal air rifle as a premium item. Farmers were more interested in the "Daisy" than the windmill-- so much so that the focus of the company shifted from windmills to airguns. Hough quickly realized that the gun design and the man were unique and invited him to Plymouth to which he agreed saying ”…

Because steel shot was less expensive to manufacture and performed better due to its lighter weight, sales skyrocketed.