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We hope that is ok, otherwise feel free to disable cookies in your browser. We are thrilled with the response to the site and we hope you found romance, or at least a good read.While not as extensive as personality profiling, this does sound like a good way of taking some of the confusion and awkwardness out of the dreaded first dates.

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Мы искренне рады нашему общению с Вами посредством нового сайта - интернет-журнала New Мы надеемся на наше с Вами плодотворное сотрудничество, построенное на обратной связи.

Вы можете предложить нам свой материал и наша редакция рассмотрит Вашу заявку в ближайшее время.

Also, to celebrate the launch, they are currently offering a free night out for you and your date for people who join and invite five friends.

For those interested in more details, full press release is below, including the free date offer (at the very end).

First dates are meant to be exciting, but as we all know, there’s always the possibility of things going horribly wrong.